Don't Let Mold Take Over Your Home

Come to Us For Mold Testing in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts

The moment you find out there's mold in your home, it can send you into a panic. Trust Mold Busters LLC to help you. We offer mold and air quality testing and treatment services throughout the Norwich and New London, CT areas. We'll test your home to check for active mold spores and send samples to the lab for confirmation.

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Take a look at our process

Take a look at our process

Mold testing will help us determine whether it's present, but there's a lot that goes into treating it. To get rid of mold in your home, we'll need to...

  • Isolate. We'll section off the affected area to prevent mold spreading to other areas of your home..
  • Treat. We'll use specialized materials to treat the area without damaging the surface underneath. .
  • Disinfect. We'll treat the room to get rid of airborne particles and further reduce the risk of spreading.

We'll finish everything with air quality testing to make sure the job is complete. Make an appointment with us by calling 860-934-3770 today.